Helping Hands

Helping Hands

Helping Hands, a tribute to team work, help and love.

As a graphic designer, the majority of my projects are client directed. With this blog project, I find myself in a new realm where it is up to me to act as client and art director. This freedom is both wonderful and a perfect reason to procrastinate. I challenge myself to find inspiration and new content everywhere.

I was inspired by a dear friend and co-worker to create this illustration. She is a kind soul, has a wonderful way of finding joy in every circumstance and is always the most willing person to lend a hand. I was on vacation from work earlier this year and I decided I wanted to create an illustration for her. I will likely print it smaller than actual size and frame it as a thank you gift.

It is called “Helping Hands”. I hope that it inspires you with it’s joyous color scheme and playful line work. May you find a beautiful day.


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