Blue Portrait

Earlier this year, I spent a while experimenting with monoprints using akua soy-based inks. I’ve used both plexiglass plates and PETG plates with this method. I created these prints using 3 PETG plates. I decided to leave space between each plate because I wanted to show a separation between my head, my heart, and my stomach. When I’m concerned, these three parts of my body all experience the concern in different ways and don’t always agree on a solution.

I first printed the yellow and blue together and printed a ghost print of this plate also. I printed another layer using black ink to add more detail. Below, you can see photos of some of the steps I took to print this monoprint.  I used a small brayer to start the portrait and later added detail with a small paint brush. I mixed the akua transparent base into the ink to extend it and help use it with a paint brush. I also used some of the blending medium.


My sketch – I usually start my print idea with a sketch on newsprint. When I work with PETG, I often will lay the sketch underneath of the PETG to use as my template to apply and paint the ink.


Working on the first layer with blue and yellow ink.


The first layer of ink. I used blue and yellow together. I printed this twice – once for a full color monoprint and second for the ghost print.


Adding details with black ink on the second layer. I scrape into the ink with a wooden stylus.



The second layer – I added black ink to add detail to the portrait. After painting and rolling the ink on, I scraped into the ink with a wooden stylus to add texture and detail, especially in the stomach area.


The three plates, ready to run through the press! It is easier to see the detail on top of the paper.


The final prints hanging to dry – one monoprint and one ghost print with a black detail monoprint layer.


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