A little girl turns 4…

My favorite type of creative project is to design party invitations! Once I develop the initial design, I love to carry that design throughout other party elements, to help create a truly special occasion and celebration. I am sharing one of those projects with you! The “theme” was Kiki: the black, fluffy, furry cat and his adventure jumping on a bouncy castle. Kiki looks like he had a blast, and the kiddos in attendance, they had a blast jumping and celebrating as well. Enjoy!

The artwork is a combination of watercolor and india ink.


I started this process with drawing character sketches of Kiki, to develop a fun expression and posture. Once I settled on the basic drawing, I transferred it to watercolor paper with a light pencil line. I taped the watercolor paper to a hard surface so that it would not easily warp with the water. I also overlap the edges of the paper with the artist’s tape, to create a border around the painting. Below, is the first layer of watercolor (left). You can also see two of the character sketches (right).

KikiLayerOne KikiWCharacterSketches

Getting closer….


And, just for fun…..the cake and cupcakes! What do you do when the request is for a pink and purple “Kiki”? Have fun with the icing colors! 🙂

KikiForFun2 KikiForFun


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